Front and Back Bodice Pattern

Part 1 

Creating the Bodice Pattern

This was my first experience creating a front and back bodice pattern piece.  I’m really enjoying it because it reminds me of a puzzle.  The problem that I came across was when I was off on my measurements which caused me to have to go back several steps in order to fix the pattern.  Since this was a simple pattern it wasn’t to bad when it came to fixing it but it is something that I need to definitely be aware of for a more difficult pattern because I can see the nightmare it could create!  The second problem is that my adorable furry babies fought for my attention while completing this project.

For this project I also needed to create a flat sketch.  Because my drawing skills are mediocre I used my nifty. tools to get better accuracy.

Tools for Pattern: Rulers, Calculator, French Curve, Measuring Tape, Lead Pencil and Good Eraser

Tools for Flat Sketch: Ruler, Crocky, Tracing Paper, and Graphite Paper (for transferring).

Tools for Cutting and Sewing: Sewing Machine, Ruler, Paper scissors, Fabric scissors, Iron and Iron Board, disappearing Ink Marker, Transfer Paper and Tracing Wheel.

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