Final Project Draft Beatrice Wood Exhibition

For my drafted designs I created several different looks, all dresses.  For my inspiration I decided to use Beatrice Woods Copper Luster Tea Pot.  When designing my pieces I used the shape of the tea-pot as the foundation of the design.  The arms of the pot reminded me of a kimono type sleeve and the silhouette of the pot reminded me of a hourglass shape, with these 2 things in mind my designs reflect this with kimono style sleeves and a fitted waist.  I was also inspired by the ball shapes that outline the teapot. I incorporated this into my design by out lining certain places along the dress.  I wanted the dress to have a little costume appeal but I tried to keep it wearable as well.  My long wrap design dress I was inspired by the 60’s/70’s feel of the teapot.  In some of the other designs I gave it more of a futuristic look inspired by some of my personal tastes.  Overall I found the Beatrice Woods Copper Luster Teapot very attractive with it’s curved silhouette, It reminds me of an art nouveau piece influenced from the 20’s, two decades that I love with its bohemian vibe.


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