Finally I’m Done!!!

I have to say this has been one of my most challenging classes.  So I ended up changing a few things from my original design.  I changed the fabric, the zipper,the sleeves, and a few design details.  I wasn’t able to get all the materials I was hoping to get so I had to make due.  I tried to create a role in between the outer bubble skirt and the lining skirt to give it more volume and mass but it didn’t work out so great, it is lumpy.  My design is an original design and there were a few tricky sewing skills needed to make this puppy happen.  Considering that I’m not the best seamstress explains some of the mistakes.  My goal was to make it costume like with a futuristic Victorian vibe.  The influences that I used from Beatrice Wood was the shape and the outlining of the silhouette.  I think this dress is going to look super cute after I fix a few things and match it up with some great accessories!



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