Shroom Tea “A Source of Enlightment”

For my 2 dimensional final project we needed to create sometype of visual marketing tool.  We had many freedoms, the only requirments is that it had to be mounted to a 15″ x 20″ board and your own hands on craftsmanship needed to be present.  

So I wanted to go way off my ordinary path of fashion and challenge my mind in a different direction.  I chose a contraversial product in order to challenge myself in convincing against the stereotypical mindset.  The product that I chose was Magic Mushroom Tea and I titled it “Shroom”.  I wanted to create something that was fun, bright, colorful, and interesting.  I wanted to create a story within the image drawing people in to question what this poster is all about.


                Magic Mushrooms have been used for many centuries by numerous cultures.  These cultures used this psychedelic herbal drug as a way to reach a higher consciousness.   According to a study that was taken at John Hopkins University in 2006 the majority of participants rated their experience to be among the top five personal y meaningful experiences.  The majority rated their trip to be highly mystical and they were able to reach spiritual transcendence.  This report also states that participants from an early study in 1960’s were questioned about their psychedelic experience 25 years after the study. They reported that there are still positive changes in their lives from this experience.   In the conclusion of the report it is stated that, “…the present study showed that, when administered to volunteers under supportive conditions, [Magic Mushrooms]… hav[e] substantial and sustained personal meaning and spiritual significance” (14).

                So for my project I chose mushroom tea titled “Shroom.” My target market is to people ages 21 and up that are looking to reach enlightenment and a better understanding of self and the world around them.  This product would be for healthy adults that feel lost and confused within the material world and are looking for a natural meaningful experience.  The Shroom tea would be for those that are open minded and searching for a sustainable positive change within. 

                I created a 14”x19” poster and mounted it to a 15”x20” black board.  The media used is a mix of pencil, marker, and acrylic paints.   I chose mixed media in order to create texture and intensity as well as detail.  My goal was to show the viewers that sometimes when we feel as though we are in a dark and confusing place there is a helping hand.  The helping hand in this case is the hand offering mushrooms to the person that is reaching from a dark place.  The helping hand is reaching through the confusion to the darkness and offering mushrooms to bring them to the light.  I than used bright and glowing colors reaching upwards around an enlighten being holding a cup of “Shroom Tea.”  This meditative being and the colors are used to represent the mystical and spiritual transcendence, as well as the peace of enlightenment.  To the left there sits an Indian mountain man representing a Rishi.  Rishi’s were those who drank Soma, a form of mushroom tea, and to reach a higher consciousness.  Through their higher consciousness the Veda’s were revealed and the Vedic hymns were composed.  The halo around his head represents his enlightenment.  Under the Rishi is a brief story of mushrooms and its positive effects as well as a warning for safe use.    The tree represents knowledge but through the experience of mushrooms.  The mushrooms are reaching upward and through a separate section to represent the transcending into a different dimension.  The background of the title represent’s the maze of confusion that many suffer from.  The title also sits over the maze to show that through “Shroom” you can escape confusion.


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