Mechanism fashion is designed for a subculture of men and women who would consider themselves to be part of a movement known as Steampunk.  Steampunk is a genre that incorporates elements of fantasy, science fiction, alternate history, horror, and speculative fiction.  Steampunk idea’s are based on how the future might have been perceived through the eyes of the Victorian or Edwardian Era and incorporates technology through steam.

A Mechanism customer is between the ages of 25-40 and is well educated.  They would be working in film, art, music, or writing. Their income would range between $40,000 and up.  They enjoy reading and going to the movies. They spend their weekends going to art shows, plays, and concerts.  Their calendar will be filled with special Steampunk events across the country such as the Steamcon in Seattle. Amongst their favorite bands might be Abneypark, Ghostfire, and Sephia Cord. They live in urban areas such as Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Boston, and so forth.  There home is filled with collectables and it wouldn’t be surprising to find some of their own creations of technological upgrades to such collectables.  They are savvy individuals who might consider themselves to be intellectuals.  They are true fans of the Steampunk culture and will show their pride for it by wearing the most eloquent of Victorian fashion with elements of fantasy and technology.

A Mechanism customer will shop for their fashionable Steampunk attire mostly online at places like Dreadnought Designs on Etsy.  They find their best fashion at conventions and special events where the best of Steampunk designers bring their works of fashionable art.  They will travel up 50 miles to find their favorite Steampunk store not only to get their next outfit but also to meet up with their Steampunk peers.

Mood Board


April 16th- Demographic Report, Mood Board, Timeline

April 23rd- Logo, business cards, and tags complete

April 30th- Store Font Complete

May 2nd- Work On Look Book layout

May 9th- Complete Look Book Layout

May 19th and 20th- Photo Shoot

May 23rd- Look Book Complete

June 2nd- Cordinate Make up and hair with Make up artist

June 9th- Models fitted and practice


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