Feild work

Here are a few picture of some people that were at a park event.  I did not seem to find any people that were using their fashion sense that seemed to protray conspicous consumption.  They all seemed to be wearing something that reflected a since of expression of what they choose to express.  I actually noticed that the women seemed to be more heterogenous than the men.  Two of the girls seemed to be wearing fashion that would usually be associated with mens fashion according to the gender stereotyping of American fashion. Both of the ladies were wearing baseball caps and shorts with a casual shirt (tank and t-shirt). 

I noticed that the fidero is popular amongst the men.  I have 2 pics of men wearing the fidero and there were several more.  There was really only one female that stuck out to me as what I understand to be fashionable at this time based on the present trend.  This was the lady in the long maxi dress with the feather earrings.  She looked very elegant and attractive and did not display androcentric way of thinking.  She seemed to have a good self-esteem but I’m assuming she must be a little vain considering the thought that went into how she looked.  Although the couple that I spotted was dressed different than the norms they definatley were idiosyncratic.  Overall most people seemed to not follow the typical rules of fashion.



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