The Trend of Mask Wearing

I found the reading “When thay are veyl’d on pupose to be scene: The Metamorphsis of the Mask in Seventeenth-and Eighteenth-Century London” by Chrisoph Heyl to be quite interesting.  I could understand why such an element of disquise would come into fashion with a loss of privacy.  The fact that the study of facial expressions were used in the court of law in order to convinct must have been a very scary thing, especially for women whom had limited rights.  It is true that when wearing a mask it does cause more attention but I can relate with the comfort of hiding behind a veil.  Although it may have not been funny at the time, I found it quite funny that there were masks for women whom were labeled has horrors and what not. The reason for this is because still today most men who commit adultry or loose control of their sexual desires for the opposite sex find a way to blame the women drawing attention from their actions and using the women as the scape goat.

Recently in my neighborhood I saw a man walking down the street with a punk fashioned gas mask.  I’m not sure what type of statement he was trying to give but it was actually a little frightning.  I would have to guess that with such a statement peace it is a way of inviting only certian people into his realm and avoiding others.  It was for a seperation device between himself and his surrounding areas.  Although it was frightning it also was a very artistic beautiful peice in a durranged sort of way.

When considering my own mask I wanted to put my own style into it and something that was different from what a typical mask would be considered as.  This mask would be a scarf wrapped around the head and sunglasses.  My asthetic for my mask has eastern influences that could be found in current trends for men and women through out the underground dub and house music movement.  My friends and I bring are so called masks with us because certian events that represent this movement end at odd hours in the morning when the sunrises and are make up has been sweated off and hair a complete mess from all of the dancing and celebrating. The interesting thing is that the majority of people associate this look to middle eastern cultures and see it as a way of surpression.  I find it as way of freedom. Most “normal” people think it is silly and make fun of the look by making racial and diragatory remarks related to the Indian culture.  I find it to be a beautiful accessory and would wear it more often if it didn’t cause a much attention.


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