Fashioning Architecture and Art

From what I understand the reading is suggesting that just recently in history has fashion and architecture become to be considered an expression of the” …philosophical, historical and formal principles once reserved for art practices alone” (pg4).  I find this suggestion quite interesting because in my opinion fashion and architecture have encompassed this idea throughout history.  It seems to me that it wasn’t until mass production that fashion lost its drive as an art form but on the other hand a lot of things became questionable as an art form once the craftsmanship was lost.

Throughout history fashion of the time seems to replicate the architecture of its era.  To pin point what came first and inspired the other seems impossible.  It is the mindset of the time that seems to have the most influence on any of the ladder.  When looking back into the most recent years and of what we know as the modern movement it is no surprise that here is we saw the most changes; with industrialization, cultural influences, and major political movements.

Example of Baroque Fashion, Architeture, and Art

At the turn of the 20th century different concepts and styles were coming about at a rapid pace but it was also after hundreds of years where very small changes were happening at a very slow rate.  It seems as though we are getting closer to a drastic change in fashion with fashion icons such as Lady GaGa.    There are also many architectural and artistic influences that inspire her outfits, so much so that some of them seemed to be sculpted.

It makes since that these three elements of creativity would be so intertwined.  It is the imagination expressing itself based on its surroundings.  These aspects will continue to grow and influence one another with the discovery of different textiles and historical changes. When limitations are taken off of what it is art and there is no telling of what new invention or shift in fashion will take.


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