Fashion Observation and Comparison to Dressing the Body

Today I chose to do my observation at school because of convience.  To be honest I really don’t see much fashion on campus.  It’s usually quite dull, jeans and a sweatshirt.  The only fashion that I usually see that is worth recognition is usually the highschool art students.  I can’t bash the college fashion too much though, one day most of these students will have to turn in their comfy jeans and sweatshirts for a stiff tailored uniform as professionals.  I will also note that it is really sad how conformed of taste the majority of people have on campus.  Maybe it is because I’m an art student, but the wacky colored hair and funky choice of mismatched garments seem to be the most aesthetically pleasing to me.

So the first person stood out to me because her matching hair and jeans.  She seemed artsy with a Emo vibe.  When I asked her if I could take her picture she was somewhat shy about it but willing to do it.  The friends around her didn’t seem to dress with the same style but she was very young.  “The but for young” is because the girls seemed to be life long friends, they are probably just now discovering a new or truer them at this point.  The interesting thing to point out is that she definitely was representing a genre of fashion related to music.  Just by looking at her out fit I was able to guess certain personality traits and interests.  She dresses this way to make a point of who she is and what she likes.

Second is a picture of two highschool art students.  I absolutely loved their fashion.  I loved the corkyness of their clothing.  Their eccentric artistic personalities were well represented by their choice in clothing.  When I asked them about their favorite designers they started naming off Viviane West, Alexander Wang, and a few others.  What was interesting is that they were dressed in what to seem as second hand clothing but they were well versed in designer lines.  I attribute this to most likely coming from an affluent background but being their age not able to afford such lines.  Another thing that was interesting is that they were really the only ones that seemed excited to be part of a fashion project.  Their confidence in standing separate from the majority of campus probably reflects their acceptance of standing out and receiving attention.  It is true that amongst the rest of the highschool students they would blend in, this to me represents a subculture, a great target for marketing.  Although they were dressed differently they portrayed the same interest.

I than noticed another student that was dressed in athletic attire with a splash of what I recognize to be Hip Hop influences.  I was right, I asked him if he was an athlete and he is transferring here for football and track. He did want to make it a point that other athletes did not dress like him, he seemed to want to be related more closely to the Hip Hop culture.  Although this may be the case there is no getting around the obvious resemblence to other’s that might be found amongs the same social crowds.  It is evident here that the people we choose to hang around are those who we tend to mimic.  If a baseball jersey-t and hat with athletic sneakers and baggy pants doesn’t give a obivious statement of what he is trying to represent our his influences I don’t know what is.



My least favorite of all fashion, the tailored restricting conservative costume of every uptight business… the suit of professionalism.  The suit, a representative of the prudent image that one must put on in order to seem smart and professional.  This reminds me of the constricting garments that royalty wore in the seventeenth century.  So funny how the clothes people choose to wear really do protray the individaul, restricting clothes for a restricted life.  Schedules and routine blahhhh boring, although it is the one costume that can instantly give a person a sense of power.  Oh yeah, they were here for a business seminar.

The last two guys I had to capture due to their matching shorts.  What was their choice in dressing, the weather.  Hmmm, so interesting how they too resembel one another yet they have no fashion sense whatsoever.  This is another obvious example of social influences.  Students not so concerned with their outfits but somehow both are wearingh sweatshirts, matching shorts, athletic sox at the same length, tennis shoes, glasses, backpacks, and the same major!!!  Was this planned, I don’t think so.  A perfect example of how subconciously people are influenced by their social surroundings.   These guys as well were more than willing to help but not because the observation was for fashion but to help me with my school project.  Great sports!

So overall you can make clear assumptions on an individual.  This is proof that clothing is still a costume, a way to portray an outer image and attract the attention they seek.  Fashion is a social mechanism that helps us to find our kind or at least the people we would like to be like.


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