Final Project Art 156

For my final project I was inspired by a few things. First I wanted to use materials that I already own so I could save money, which is always important for students. I also wanted to produce something that would show my merchandising and design skills, so producing a cohesive line was important to me. Finally I had to take my inspiration from the museum visit to IFF and what I have learned in class to produce a line.
I found in my stash of goodies this beautifully vibrant fabric with a fun and organic print of paisley’s, flowers, and lady bugs. The bright vibrant colors reminded me of all the beautiful mixed colors in the crocheted coral. The organic
shapes and elements of life remind me of the theme of the exhibition, the beauties and wonder of the miracle of life.
With this beautiful fabric I will be making a collection of purses. I will draw emphasis to certain elements in the fabric by embroidering on top of the print. I will mix different prints and create 3 dimensional flowers that I will use as decor on the bag creating rythm in the line.



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