Cover Letter

I am a creative and highly driven individual who thrives off new and innovative ways of entertaining the world through fashion and art. I am a strong leader who is able to materialize a vision through good direction, organization, and focus even in the most chaotic of times.  My talents and experience range from concept development, visual display, styling, design, fashion forecasting, event coordinating, public relations, social network media, management, sales, and marketing.   I am a social and enthusiastic person who enjoys networking, creating, and being productive in a positive and thriving enviorment.

I am currently attending Cal State Los Angeles to earn by Bachelor of Arts in Art with an emphasis in Fashion Merchandising with an expected graduation date of March of 2013.  While attending school I also manage a small yet trendy womens contemporary boutique called Eden in the popular beach city Belmont Shore.  Here I am able to demonstrate my leadership and organizational skills by managing and motivating a staff of 5 and maintaining all manegerail responsibilities (hiring, scheduling, payroll, accounting, etc.)  I also am responsible for the visual display and merchandising of all windows,racks, shelves, mannequins, and display cases.  I maintain and am the author of all social media accounts (facebook,twitter, wordpress).  I also conceptualize creative forms of advertising and marketing through events, photo shoots, ads, and sales.  I am well rounded with a strong educational background in the arts and a good amount of professional experience.

My inspirations derive from artist such as Mucha, Michael Pucak, Salvador Dali, and Gustav Klimt.  I also find inspiration from music events such as Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle, and Coachella.  I stay up to date in trends by reading fashion blogs, W Magazine, WWD, and Apparel News. Music is of great importance to my creative enery as well.  Here are a few groups I really enjoy Thievory Coorporation, Bitter Sweet, Telepopmusik, Moorcheeba and Dessert Dwellers.  Recently I have became obsessed with Steam Punk and Bohemian influences in fashion. I basically find inspiration from everywhere the streets, in movies, in politics, experiences, and nature.

I invite you to explore my journey through the learning, creating, accomplishing, awarding, and discovering of the many different yet simiular experiences I have adventured in pursuing my passion for fashion and art.


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