Finally I’m Done!!!

I have to say this has been one of my most challenging classes.  So I ended up changing a few things from my original design.  I changed the fabric, the zipper,the sleeves, and a few design details.  I wasn’t able to get all the materials I was hoping to get so I had to make due.  I tried to create a role in between the outer bubble skirt and the lining skirt to give it more volume and mass but it didn’t work out so great, it is lumpy.  My design is an original design and there were a few tricky sewing skills needed to make this puppy happen.  Considering that I’m not the best seamstress explains some of the mistakes.  My goal was to make it costume like with a futuristic Victorian vibe.  The influences that I used from Beatrice Wood was the shape and the outlining of the silhouette.  I think this dress is going to look super cute after I fix a few things and match it up with some great accessories!



Wrap Dress

This dress was actually quite fun to make.  The only thing is I was confused on how to sew the neck.  I will have to practice this dress a little more in order to get the right shape, such as the shoulders and hips.  My shoulder were pretty boxy but I kinda like them that way.  I can see this wrap dress looking really cute.  I could go sophisticated and contemporary or go sleevelss and summery like a silk maxi dress.  I found some cute outfits through google that I could possibly construct off of this pattern. 

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Princess Seam Strapless Dress Pattern

Yay, I was able to figure it out.  I had to think of it like it was a puzzle and imagining what the dress would like in order to construct it.  I wasn’t able to apply the boning which I am bummed about.  I went to Joann’s to buy the boning and they were closed.  I did complete the pattern pieces last Wednesday and saved the sewing for today.  It made my day a little better because I was able to work, do laundry, and sew the dress.

Don’t Ever Miss A Class In Pattern Making

The first rule to pattern making is don’t miss a class, especially when the lesson is on princess seams!!  I’m really lost at this and just winging it based on some of what I saw in class, the info Prof. Lung gave me, and a video that I found on Youtube. This video helped to make it a little clearer.  Stay tuned to see the result.

Set In Sleeve Sloper, Skirt, and Short Pattern

In order to construct these new pattern pieces I used basically the same tools.  The kitties kept me company again and Maximus played catch with the scraps.  I learned of 2 new tools this time around the awl and a pattern notcher.  The awl is used to mark the points of darts when transferring the pattern.  The pattern notcher is used to mark notch’s in the fabric in order to match up seam lines when sewing.

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Front and Back Bodice Pattern

Part 1 

Creating the Bodice Pattern

This was my first experience creating a front and back bodice pattern piece.  I’m really enjoying it because it reminds me of a puzzle.  The problem that I came across was when I was off on my measurements which caused me to have to go back several steps in order to fix the pattern.  Since this was a simple pattern it wasn’t to bad when it came to fixing it but it is something that I need to definitely be aware of for a more difficult pattern because I can see the nightmare it could create!  The second problem is that my adorable furry babies fought for my attention while completing this project.

For this project I also needed to create a flat sketch.  Because my drawing skills are mediocre I used my nifty. tools to get better accuracy.

Tools for Pattern: Rulers, Calculator, French Curve, Measuring Tape, Lead Pencil and Good Eraser

Tools for Flat Sketch: Ruler, Crocky, Tracing Paper, and Graphite Paper (for transferring).

Tools for Cutting and Sewing: Sewing Machine, Ruler, Paper scissors, Fabric scissors, Iron and Iron Board, disappearing Ink Marker, Transfer Paper and Tracing Wheel.

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