Online Social Networking


This account will help others get a since of who I am and my style.

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Style Bandwagon

My Personal tumblr blog based on things that inspire me.

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Eden Boutique Facebook

I started managing the facebook page in Janurary 2011 and the increase in post feedback raised approximatley 3000%!!!  New Likes raised approxiametly 225%!! By 2012 I increased total life time likes by approxiametly 150 and “Total Reach” from approxiametly 100 to 3,350.

Eden Boutique Blog

I established and created the blog for the company.  I than trained and help the two associate stores from Muse Boutique and Eden San Diego set up and establish their independent blogs.


I connected the Twitter account to the blog and facebook so that when ever something is posted it will automatically post on to the Twitter page. (I would like to note that under “Similar to You” Urban Outfitters is listed)


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